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Our House Brands

Ocean Gems
This wide range of different seafood delicacies is harvested around the world, prepared within hours of being caught, and flash-frozen or processed using state-of-the-art technology. This ensures every seafood product is consistently excellent – and our constant audits and evaluation keep it that way. An extensive range of sustainable seafood is available, independently certified by leading authorities, including the Marine Stewardship Council.
Ocean Gems sources the best seafood around the world. Our stringent selection process ensures a consistently high quality in our products. Every piece is cleaned, processed and packed within hours of harvesting to preserve its natural freshness and taste to the highest international standards.
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Ocean Gems

Brands We Represent

Carne Meats Raw LogoVictoria
Quality wild-caught and processed premium seafood from the icy waters of eastern Canada. Products include processed Lobster, Live Lobster, Snow Crab, Jonah Crab, Atlantic Halibut & Ground Fish.
Carne Meats Raw LogoCap Bourbon
Organic Chilean sea bass fish from the icy waters off Patagonia, sustainably fished and snap-frozen onboard to preserve texture and taste. These fish are rich in healthy Omega 3 and 6, with smooth flesh that can be oven baked, steamed, cooked in foil, poached, grilled, and roasted.
Carne Meats Raw LogoGlobalPesca
Wild-caught Chilean Sea Bass fish are the specialty of sustainable fishing company, Globalpesca. State-of-the art fishing vessels snap-freeze fish on board to preserve flavor and texture. No chemicals are used.
Carne Meats Raw LogoKono
Sustainably grown in New Zealand, Kono greenshell mussels contain very high levels of healthy antioxidants. Kono mussels taste naturally sweet because they grow in an area that contains a unique mix of freshwater and seawater. Mussels are delivered to chefs cleaned, de-bearded and ready to cook.
Carne Meats Raw LogoSea-Trek
US company Sea-Trek’s reputation is built on quality, frozen seafood, with a wide range of ready-to-cook products including trimmed sea scallops, ocean crabs, shrimp, prawns and ocean fish. Sea-Trek seafood is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
Carne Meats Raw LogoTrident Seafoods
Trident Seafood of Alaska offers a wide range of breaded and battered fish cuts including fish sticks, fish burgers, salmon fillets and fish fillets. Packs are sized to suit different businesses, from large-scale establishments like healthcare institutions to restaurants looking for quality take-out options.

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