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We supply an extensive selection of the finest products and ingredients in Vietnam
The chef's one stop shop for high quality products.
The number one quality meat distributor in VIETNAM.

Our Mission

Bringing the world’s best to you

FOODSERVICE APME offers both culinary and business expertise to help you grow your business. Aside from having a great selection of quality food & beverage products; we are also here to advice on global food and hospitality trends, seasonal products around the world, share ways to increase efficiency, and ultimately increase your profitability.

Our House Brands

We offer a diverse and exciting range of products sourced from all over the world. We have a diverse group of clients from the professional food community in Vietnam including the city’s top hotels and restaurants, airports, gourmet shops and food caterers.

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This wide range of different seafood delicacies is harvested around the world, prepared within hours of being caught, and flash-frozen or processed using state-of-the-art technology. This ensures every seafood product is consistently excellent – and our constant audits and evaluation keep it that way. An extensive range of sustainable seafood is available, independently certified by leading authorities, including the Marine Stewardship Council.

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This exclusive range of cold cuts, smallgoods and sausages is made in Vietnam, for freshness. Only quality meat imported from the USA and Belgium is used, with traditional recipes by American chefs, expertly adjusted to suit discerning local tastes and Asian customers.

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The Carne Meats Raw range includes top graded fresh beef. All cuts are prepared by our skilled butchers into a variety of popular cuts, plus meatballs, patties and ground meats.

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Our Bestsellers


The Teys family from South East Queensland has been big in the Australian beef industry since 1946 and is now the second largest meat exporter in Australia.  Teys beef is fully traceable because the company manages every aspect of beef production, from farm to processing. This cost-effective supply chain provides real value to customers. Teys grass-fed and grain-fed beef are distributed around the world by the protein experts, Cargill Food Distribution.

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TEYS Australian Pasture-Fed Beef has the complex flavor profile and healthy texture that’s only possible when cows are free to graze in fields, eating a variety of natural grasses.

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TEYS Certified Premium Black Angus has a reputation for excellence. It combines the superior eating-quality of Black Angus cattle with a scientific program of feeding and care, called the TEYS Certified Angus Program. The beef is independently audited to ensure the beef’s traceability and consistent quality.

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This ethically produced beef is by a farmers collective on Tasmania, King Island and Flinders Islands - three remote islands in Australia famous for clean air and water. Cattle eat only grass. No added hormones, no antibiotics and no GMO feeds are used. The beef is graded to 4 and 5 stars MSA tenderness, and naturally marbled for flavor.

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Many believe Japan’s Tajima cattle produce the best Wagyu beef in Japan, because of the large eye muscle and melt-in-the-mouth marbling. But Tajima cattle grow slowly, so only a limited amount of this beef is available. Now Tajima cross-bred cattle are also raised in Australia, under the care of expert Japanese nutritionists. Cattle are fed grain for a minimum of 350 days – much longer than other grain-fed cattle. Feed is even grown on the same farm, to ensure traceability. The result is exceptional grain-fed Wagyu beef.

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This premium Wagyu beef is from Japanese black cattle raised the traditional way on a careful balance of grass and grain feed. From the prefecture of Kagoshima in Japan, the beef is exported to over 10 countries in prime and secondary cuts, including sirloin and striploin steaks.

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White Stripe Lamb is premium pasture-fed lamb sourced from the foothills of the Victorian Ranges in South East Australia. This region’s rich grass and gentle weather make it ideal for producing tasty and tender lamb.

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We offer a diverse and exciting range of products sourced from all over the world.

We have a diverse group of clients from the professional food community in Dubai, including the city’s top hotels and restaurants, gourmet shops, food caterers, and airline caterers.
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1 Company, 6 Countries, 14 Cities
FOODSERVICE APME is a premium food solutions provider, delivering high quality food and servicing client needs to impeccable standards. We offer professional expertise and a solid, synergized distribution network in six different countries and thirteen cities. Here in the Indoguna Vina, we draw on these combined resources and experience to ensure we deliver world-class products and service.
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Head Office

2439 Old Paknam Railway Road,
Prakanong, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110


77 Moo 5 Tumbol Vichit,
Amphur Muang Phuket 83000


22/24 Moo 11 Tumbol Nongprue,
Amphur Banglamung, Chonburi 20150


Monday - Friday: 8:00-17:30
Saturday: 8:00-13:00
Sunday: Closed


Ho Chi MInh City
44B Phan Xich Long Str., Ward 3, Phu Nhuan Dist,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ha Noi
1st Floor, Center B&T, No 3, 120 Truong Chinh Street, Phuong Mai Ward, Dong Đa District , Ha Noi

Da Nang
Block 6 Ly Nhat Quang Street, Nai Hien Dong Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang


Mobile: 090.709.1188
Fax: 08.399.56.756

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