Personalized Sales Service

We provide a professional sales team ready to advise according to the requirements of customers.

Our fast and professional sales service goes way beyond sourcing products. We work with you to build up your business success. We can provide personalized advice, products, training materials, food cost advantages, service ideas, or new additions to your menu. Whatever you need, and whenever you need it, we are here for you.

indoguna.vina partnership
indoguna.vina partnership

Delivery service

Delivery with 500,000 vnd and meet Minimum Order Quantity order within Ho Chi Minh city, Ha Noi capital & Da Nang, free delivery with 700,000 vnd order. Support delivery to inter-provincial transportation for orders outside the region. The delivery package will be carefully packed in a Styrofoam box, gel ice or dry ice is required if necessary.

Meat Cutting and Portion Service

Our butchery service provides valued-added and customization services, including steak cuts. Our trained butchers can portion and cut your meat purchases into the steak cuts, you want, to save you time and money in the kitchen. Just let us know what steak cuts you want, and how you want them prepared, packed and delivered. Let us do the rest for you.

indoguna.vina partnership
indoguna.vina partnership

Vacuum Skin Packaging for Retail

Vacuum Skin Pack Technology has many benefits for retailers. Vacuum Skin Packs stop bacteria entering your meat or grocery packages and extend shelf life. This minimizes food waste and saves costs. Your customers also like Vacuum Skin Pack technology because the food’s quality, freshness, color and texture is presented in a natural and modern way. Plus, there is no leakage of liquids and handling is much easier.

Our skin packaging films and packing options are FDA certified and produced under the global quality management standard FSSC2200.

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