Privacy and Data Protection

1. Payment Privacy Policy

The card payment system on Induguna Vina website is provided by licensed payment gateway partners operating legally in Vietnam ("Payment Gateway Partners"), accordingly, Indoguna vina's card payment security standards ensure compliance with the security standards of payment gateway partners.

In addition, Indoguna Vina also has its own payment security standards that ensure the security of customers' payment information.

2. Information security policy

2.1. Purpose of application

This Privacy Policy and Information Sharing ("Policy") aims to ensure the security of information relating to individuals participating in accessing and/or transacting on the Indoguna Vina website owned by the Company Indoguna Vina Food and Service Ltd .

This Policy describes how Indoguna Vina receives, aggregates, stores, uses and protects the information of individuals participating in accessing, trading on Indoguna Vina.

The Customer's access to or performance of transactions on Indoguna Vina means that the Customer has read, understood and agreed to comply with this Policy, including the amended and supplemented versions of the Policy. The revised version of this Policy (if any) will be effective from the date on which amendments and supplements to the Policy are announced on Indoguna Vina.

2.2. Specified

a. About collecting information

When the Customer performs a transaction and/or registers to open an account at Indoguna Vina, from time to time, the Customer must provide certain information necessary for the execution of the transaction and/or the account registration (“Customer Information”).

b. About private information storage and security

Customer Information, as well as information exchanged between Customer and Indoguna Vina, is kept and kept confidential by Indoguna Vina’s system, the Customer's payment card information will be kept confidential by Indoguna Vina’s payment gateway partners according to the international standard PCI DSS.

The customer's payment card information is protected by Indoguna Vina’s payment gateway partner according to international standards. Indoguna Vina does not allow third parties to monitor or collect Customer information on the Indoguna Vina website.

c. About linking with other websites

The Customer is responsible for protecting their account information and not providing any information related to the Indoguna Vina account and password on other websites except when logging into the official Indoguna Vina address.

We are not responsible for problems arising when a Customer accesses Indoguna Vina from websites other than the official Indoguna Vina website.

d. About sharing customer information

Indoguna Vina does not provide Customer Information to any third party, except to shipping partners to carry on delivery or when required by a competent State authority or as required by law.

In addition to the above cases, Indoguna Vina will specifically notify Customer when it is required to disclose Customer Information to a third party. In this case, Indoguna Vina undertakes to disclose Customer Information only with the consent of the Customer.